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Amiblu GRP jacking pipe systems

Excellent solutions for trenchless applications

When pipelines are laid in densely populated areas, protected natural habitats, or beneath heavily frequented roads, jacking is often the least disruptive solution. With their high strength, Amiblu jacking pipes are well-suited for jacking installations. Amiblu pipe design for jacking and microtunneling takes advantage of non-corrodible materials. The smooth external surface and water repellency gives low friction during jacking.

 Benefits of jacking compared to traditional construction:

  • No open trenches required – pipes are installed without the public noticing.
  • Towns and landscapes do not suffer from the construction work.
  • Falls in water table level, which affect vegetation, can be prevented.
  • Due to the tight wall thickness of Amiblu jacking pipes relatively small amounts of soil are excavated and removed.
  • No special storage areas are needed for materials and equipment.
  • Traffic disruption is kept to a minimum.
  • Amiblu jacking pipes can be installed irrespective of the weather conditions.
  • Residents, nature, and the environment are protected from noise, dirt, and vibrations.
  • Damage to nature is substantially lower than with the open-cut method.
  • Carbon emissions are considerably lower during construction and from traffic, as congestions can be prevented.

 Benefits of Amiblu jacking pipes:

  • solutions from 300 to 3600 mm in diameter
  • fully sealed and water-tight system
  • corrosion-free
  • long-term stiffness, approved for use under rail tracks
  • high flow characteristics
  • low maintenance, slime build up resistant
  • abrasion resistance
  • light weight and easy to transport and handle
  • service life of more than 150 years

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