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Corrosion, wear, abrasion, impacts:
Amiblu GRP pipes for the most challenging applications

When aggressive materials are transported through pipes, their effect on the inner pipe surface can be very damaging. Depending on the medium, the pipes therefore need to be repaired or replaced quite frequently – resulting in great expenses in terms of time and cots. But it does not have to be that way: We at Amiblu have developed GRP pipes for the toughest conditions.


Our high impact and extreme wear resistant GRP pipes are equipped with an exceptionally durable inner protective layer and are customized for each project individually. They impress with extreme durability when it comes to abrasion and impacts, and show a unique performance in deflection and strain corrosion tests.

Other benefits include:

  • extremely smooth inner surface, preventing sedimentations and ensuring optimal flow properties
  • extraordinary corrosion resistance even to particularly aggressive domestic sewage
  • very high abrasion resistance to safely transport even very aggressive media
  • extremely high impact resistance suited for the toughest operating conditions
  • highly flexible inner protective layer that withstands demanding deflection tests
  • comparably long service life

Our pipes are therefore suited for a very broad range of challenging applications:

  • main sewers (excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance)
  • sewers with retention function (self-cleaning effect)
  • drainage pipelines with very high slopes and flow containing abrasive materials
  • culverts (resistance to the impact of rocky, abrasive material during heavy flows)
  • efficient pressure pipelines (extremely smooth inside surface with long service life)
  • industry applications (transport of aggressive materials like slurry water in the mining industry)
  • penstocks (resistance to extremely abrasive and erosive materials)
Flowtite Grey pipe illustration

Engineered for the next 150 years.

Extra impact resistant pipe for pressure mains and penstocks.


Main advantages:

  • high impact resistance
  • allows for bigger backfill particle sizes
  • better utilization of native backfill soils
Diameter (DN)300-4000 mm
Pressure (PN)up to 32 bar
Nominal lengthsup to 12 m
Stiffness (SN)5000 & 10000 N/m²
Hobas PU Line pipe illustration

Engineered for the next 150 years.
Ideal for fluids with high solid contents.
Intended for gravity applications.


Main advantages:

  • extreme hydraulic performance (minimal friction)
  • minimal slime buildup
  • very high wear resistance
Diameter (DN)1200-3600 mm
Pressure (PN)1 bar
Nominal lengths6 m
Stiffness (SN)10000 N/m²
Flowtite Orange pipe illustration

Engineered for the next 150 years.
Ideal for mining slurry transportation and other extreme uses.


Main advantages:

  • extreme wear resistance
  • extreme liner erosion resistance
  • extreme abrasion resistance
Diameter (DN)300-4000 mm
Pressure (PN)up to 32 bar
Nominal lengthsup to 12 m
Stiffness (SN)2500/5000/10000 N/m²

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