Bucharest Parliament House

Amiblu wins large-scale NC project in Bucharest

Amiblu is currently delivering over 5 km of NC pipes with cross sections from 800 x 1200 mm to 1400 x 2100 mm to a large-scale project in Bucharest, Romania. In total, seven different NC profiles will be used to rehabilitate the sewer main of the city.

Amiblu non-circular pipeExcellent technical support from Amiblu organizations in Romania and France was the main reason for the customer to opt for Amiblu NC pipes. The very challenging construction works started early this year close to the parliament house and the old city center of Bucharest. The project will be realized over the upcoming months and close supervision from Amiblu experts on site will make sure that it is a full success.

Project Parameters
Year of construction: 2018
Application: Rehabilitation of sewer main
Total length: 5 km NC pipes, 60 m circular pipes
Cross section/DN: 800/1200, 900/1350, 1000/1500, 780/1580, 1200/1800, 200/1752, 1400/2100, DN 1600
Owner: Bucharest City Hall
Contractor: Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd