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Amiblu Press Releases

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Egg-shaped GRP pipes for major sewer rehab in Bucharest


From 25 to more than 100 years: That’s the advanced age of the brick sewer system of the metropolis Bucharest. It was decided to renovate the extensive system step by step in order to increase its efficiency and reliability. For the 5200 m long relining part, Amiblu supplied 5200 m non-circular (NC Line) GRP pipes and 63 m of circular pipes.

Costin Berbecaru, Amiblu Sales Manager for South-East Europe, provided us with exclusive insights into this complex installation right in the heart of Bucharest.


Press Release – Egg-shaped GRP pipes for major sewer rehab in Bucharest

“We have to be smart when renewing our water networks.”


A few months ago, the south of Austria experienced severe storms and the worst flooding in 30 years. Streets were flushed away and vast areas of forests and land flooded, despite the country’s rather high network standard. In a less prepared country, the consequences would have been even worse. “It’s frightening how bad the overall condition of the water network in Europe is”, says Pierre Sommereijns, CEO of GRP pipe producer Amiblu. We talked to him about future challenges and renovation options for pipe networks.


Press Release – We have to be smart when renewing our water networks.

Well-equipped for future challenges: GRP sewer network upgrades by Amiblu


With growing urbanization and increasingly stronger rainfall events, more and more sewer systems are approaching the limits of their capacities. Special overflow structures with screening and retention function can help upgrade sewer systems without major interventions. Amiblu offers two solutions for this purpose: The Amiscreen and the CSO chamber. Both have been successfully installed in several projects throughout 2018; a year that the joint venture Amiblu can look back at with confidence and satisfaction.


Press Release – Well-equipped for future challenges with GRP sewer upgrades by Amiblu

Amiblu Poland opens new production hall for GRP fittings


1500 m² additional space for increased production capacity, higher flexibility, and improved working conditions of employees: With the inauguration of a brand-new hall for fitting production on September 21, the Amiblu factory in Dąbrowa Górnicza is to become the main production center for all sorts of sophisticated GRP elements in Europe. The new hall’s “birthday” was celebrated on the same day as the factory’s 15th anniversary. We talked to plant manager Piotr Strzelczyk about this future-oriented investment.


Press Release – Amiblu Poland opens new production hall for GRP fittings

Maik Altendorf (COO Amiblu Group), Natalia Wilczek (financial manager Amiblu Poland) and Piotr Strzelczyk (plant manager Amiblu Poland South) cut the ribbon at the brand-new fittings production hall

Amiblu GRP pipes for stormwater drainage system at Kraków Airport


A combination of filament wound Flowtite and centrifugally cast Hobas pipes by Amiblu is being installed to build a new, highly efficient stormwater sewer system for Kraków Airport. The new underground infrastructure is an important cornerstone for the airport’s increasing importance in international aviation.


Press Release – Amiblu GRP pipes at Krakow Airport

GRP pipes at their best: Amiblu at the IFAT 2018


This year’s edition of the IFAT once again features a unique range of strategies and solutions to tackle diverse and complex global challenges such as waste and water management. Combining Hobas and Flowtite pipes under one roof for the first time, Amiblu will present a unique range of GRP piping solutions for truly sustainable water management.


Press Release – Amiblu at the IFAT 2018

Amiblu GRP tank installed in Valladolid Spain

Large Diameter Sewer Relining with HOBAS NC Line in Southern France


In the surroundings of Toulon on the Mediterranean coast of France, a 6400-m long sewer channel is being rehabilitated. The challenging relining installation include works in more than 100 m depth. While the installation of tailor-made non-circular HOBAS GRP half pipes by Amiblu is completed, the last phase of the project has started and should end beginning of 2018. In September 2017, it earned the construction company SADE the prestigious ISTT Rehabilitation Project Award.


Press Release – NC Sewer Rehab Toulon

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