Amiblu Lean Excellence Program kickoff meeting

The Amiblu Business System and Lean Excellence Program

The 3 building blocks of the Amiblu Strategy

  • Sustainable water solutions
  • Customer focus
  • Continuous world class innovations

will be supported by excellent business processes to service our customers in the best way in future.

Many people imagine a fancy toolset when thinking about the concept of Lean, but it is much more than this: It´s a way of thinking, a culture!

To prepare the organization for this new way of working, Amiblu kicked off a Lean Excellence Program supported by the consultants of KCTS UK with a leadership review in the Katowice factory in February.

A modern safety culture and the drive for continuous improvement require strong leadership and trained experts with the right toolset (Value Stream Mapping, 5S etc.) to improve all processes towards excellence.

As a lean transformation is largely build on the cooperation between excellence specialists and the employees in the respective business areas, communication is the next large step of this journey.

Next to this and the new safety culture with zero accidents, our goals will include improved workplaces for our employees, and a team of internal lean facilitators who will be trained in a 15-day customized training to support the business in this lean transformation.

Our new fitting production in Poland will start in July 2018, already with an optimized working area and streamlined workflow to represent the new generation of working standards within Amiblu. Beside this key milestone of the new production footprint, improvement projects with a focus on optimized planning and internal logistics processes will be initiated.

All the activities listed above are only the preparation and start of a neverending journey on the way to business excellence and an improved customer experience worldwide.