Customized and leakproof: NC profiles reline blackwater sewer

In the north-Italian city of Piacenza, three different non-circular GRP pipe profiles by Amiblu (one egg profile, two mouth profiles) have been used for rehabilitating a number of old sewer channels with a total length of 589 m. The hydraulic and structural properties of the existing pipelines were no longer sufficient. The new NC pipes were inserted into the old channels with a push system, meaning that the pipes are pushed from a starting pit to an arrival point which at the same time marks the end of the pipeline to be renovated.

The remaining annular space was filled with a special grout, resulting in a structurally sound new sewer with perfect hydraulics and leak-tightness. After no more than three months, the installation was completed to the full satisfaction of the client.


Click on the video below and watch Massimo Cacaveri, Sales Manager of Amiblu Italia, and Stefano Guiducci from Euroscavi Srl talk about the construction site and benefits of this installation method!

Project ID: [00041982]
Application:Sewer, Special Pipes (non-circular)
Total Length:589 m
Nominal Diameter DNNon-Circular
Contractor:Euroscavi S.r.l.

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