Let’s value water as we should

With world-class GRP pipes and fittings which responsibly solve the world’s water and sewer challenges.

Everybody deserves access to a functioning water network

GRP is our DNA

We are a bunch of GRP nerds that are fiercely determined to tackle the world’s water crisis with modern and smart solutions. We want to inspire people around the globe to value water as we should.

More concrete than concrete, steelier than steel 

Our infrastructure transports water reliably to and from homes, industries, and every one of us. We work passionately on water security, wastewater discharge, and water-related needs of urbanization. Our pipes are designed for generations.

There’s no substitute for water

We work with excitement towards a future where every person on the planet has access to a well-functioning water network. We combine creative ideas, decades of experience, and modern composite materials to outperform existing solutions.

Pipes designed for generations

Explore how Amiblu products impact the way urban & rural communities manage water.

Microtunneling record with Amiblu GRP pipes for the project Collettore della Crescenza in Rome, Italy

New world microtunneling record with Amiblu GRP pipes in Rome, IT

The longest jacking drive ever undertaken using GRP pipes has been successfully completed on a microtunnelling project as part of the 3rd lot of the Collettore della Crescenza – Isola Farnese for a sewer pipe installation that will treat Rome’s wastewater.

Amiblu relining pipes replace damaged concrete sewer in Potters Way, Peterborough, UK

Amiblu relining pipes protect sewer network from H2S attacks

Amiblu relining pipes replace concrete pipes that were severely damaged due to H2S attack in Potters Way, Peterborough, UK.
Amiblu GRP pipes replace old wooden penstock at hydropower plant Auwehr in Austria

Amiblu GRP pipes replace wooden penstock

After 23 years, the wooden penstock at the hydropower plant Auwehr in Austrian Mürzzuschlag was decommissioned and replaced by Amiblu GRP pressure pipes.
Amiblu Spain instala 2000 placas solares en su planta de producción de Camarles

Further sustainability milestone at Amiblu

Amiblu Pipes Spain becomes the first European factory of CO2 neutral GRP pipes.

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