GRP pipe solutions for efficient irrigation systems

Reliable water supply for good crops in all weathers.

Irrigation Pipes

Agriculture is the largest consumer of the world’s freshwater resources. Efficient and reliable irrigation systems can help save water and energy throughout the agri-food chain and provide a buffer against rainfall variability caused by climate change.

For pipe systems used in irrigation projects, it is a crucial requirement to prevent the loss of water. The pipes’ service lifetime, as well as operational and installation costs also play an essential role for the investor. Amiblu offers a complete package covering all requirements: Light-weight, leak-tight and corrosion-resistant pressure pipes with a lifetime of decades. 

Irrigation farmland fields aerial view

Advantages of Amiblu GRP irrigation systems:

  • Leak-tight pipe wall and joint to prevent infiltration and loss of precious water.
  • Excellent flow properties for lower pumping costs.
  • Larger backfill particle size and more native backfill can be used for the trench, reducing installation costs.
  • Low maintenance needs thanks to minimal slime build-up and high abrasion resistance.
  • Resistance to soil loads, structural loads and seismic activities.
  • Corrosion-free and resistant against UV light.


Technical data

Diameter, pressure, stiffness, and so much more… All the technical hard facts you need to plan, lay, and operate our pipelines.


Reference database

Over 30,000 projects in over 125 countries in over 60 years: Discover spectacular and technically challenging construction works with Amiblu’s technologies (Flowtite, Hobas, Amiblu, Amiscreen) in our reference database.


Our footprint

We aim to have life cycle assessments for all products by end of 2022 and a carbon-neutral pipe production by 2030. We use the resources we have—our business, our voice, and our network—to fight the climate crisis and inspire people around the globe to value water as we should.