Amiblu GRP hydropower solutions for turning fresh water into energy for generations

Power production with less emissions and more output.

GRP Penstocks

Hydropower supplies more than 70 % of all renewable electricity worldwide. As readily accessible locations are used up, hydropower engineers are turning to remoter and geologically challenging sites to generate the power we need for cities and industries. Amiblu GRP hydropower solutions are easy to install and adapt to all kind of terrains. They help achieve more kWh with better returns and lower water hammer than any other pipe. With environmentally friendly raw materials in the pipe production (e.g. PET resins) as well as CO2 savings in transportation and installation thanks to the pipes’ light weight, Amiblu GRP penstocks support and speed up the transition to fossil-fuel free energy production.

Flowtite Hydropower pipeline in Norway

Advantages of Amiblu hydropower pipe systems:

  • Corrosion-free: No need for special coatings or cathodic protection
  • Low friction and head loss for maximum energy output
  • Low water hammer: 50 % of steel and ductile iron
  • Tested and certified quality: Approved for hydropower applications worldwide
  • Abrasion resistant: Special solutions for extreme wear (Flowtite Orange)
  • Resistant against UV light: Ideal for above-ground installations