We trust in generations.
We act sustainably.
We embody entrepreneurship.
We build on people.

We thrive on the trust of our customers, employees, owners and the public as well as on the performance and integrity of our group. Our activities in the segment of GRP pipes have made us a leader in many European countries as well as on other continents.

All Amiblu employees and our business partners are expected to comply with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which we operate, as well as our internal policies, standards and procedures. Corruption and bribery in any form are not tolerated. We comply with all laws enacted to promote fair competition.

Code of Conduct (CoC)

We have developed a „Code of Conduct“ for EVERYONE, regardless of national borders, culture and language. The Code of Conduct establishes ethical and moral principles as well as our intra-group guidelines – sticking to them is our top priority!

Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC)

Every business partner is part of our responsible corporate strategy and shapes the reputation of our company through their appearance, behavior and actions. In the Code of Conduct for Suppliers we have set out our principles for the purpose of legally secure, sustainable and responsible cooperation, which we expect our suppliers to comply with.

Whistleblower Tool Tell it Cody

At Amiblu, compliance with laws, rules and internal guidelines is a top priority. We use our whistleblower system Tell it Cody to receive specific reports of (potential) misconduct or irregularities in our organization. This includes violations of our Code of Conduct, antitrust law, criminal law or violations of human rights and environmental law.

Your reports help us to improve our organization and minimize risks. Submit your report anonymously or transparently with your name and contact details. Reports will be forwarded to the Compliance department and our respective Compliance Ambassador and will be processed reliably. Your report will be treated with absolute confidentiality. You do not have to fear any negative consequences as long as your report is made in good faith.

CODY Amiblu