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GRP pipes with Amiblu NC Line technology

Amiblu NC Line pipes with their non-circular cross-sections are ideal for relining old city sewers, culverts and channels that often hold non-circular shapes. Amiblu non-circular pipes are also used for open trench applications. The non-circular profiles are manufactured in a discontinuous process by helical filament winding. Resin impregnated continuous and chopped fiberglass rovings are wound on a rotating oval mandrel with controlled sequences. Using this technology, a very dense laminate is created that maximizes the contribution from the three basic raw materials: glass fibers, resin and sand. Amiblu NC Line can be customized according to customer demands and easily be adapted to different types of shapes and geometries.


Amiblu NC Line adheres fully to ISO 16611. The ISO 16611: 2017 sets strict guidelines for how non-circular pipes can be produced and tested. External bodies confirm Amiblu compliance.

Technical data Amiblu NC Line pipes

Main materials resin, glassfibers, sand
Operating temperature -50 °C to +50 °C
Standard length 3 m
Diameter range 300-4000 mm
Pressure range PN 1
Expected service life more than 150 years
Corrosion protection none needed
Water jetting resistance tested according to DIN 19523
Estimated hydraulic roughness k = 0.029 mm (Colebrook-White)

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