GRP pipes with Amiblu NC Line technology

Amiblu NC Line pipes with their non-circular cross-sections are ideal for relining old city sewers, culverts and channels that often hold non-circular shapes. Amiblu non-circular pipes are also used for open trench applications. The non-circular profiles are produced using a filament winding technology. Resin-filled continuous and chopped glass fibers are wound on a rotating non-circular mandrel in a controlled process. Using this technology, a very dense laminate is created that maximizes the contribution from the three basic raw materials: glass fibers, resin and sand. Amiblu NC Line can be customized according to customer demands and easily be adapted to different types of shapes and geometries.

Non-circular Amiblu pipes meet the requirements of ISO 16611. The ISO 16611: 2017 sets strict guidelines for how non-circular pipes can be produced and tested. External bodies confirm Amiblu compliance.

Technical data Amiblu NC Line pipes

Main materialsresin, glassfibers, sand
Operating temperature-50 °C to +50 °C, higher temperatures may be considered for individual projects
Cross sections (height/width)300-4000 mm
Pressure rangePN 1
Expected service lifemore than 150 years
Corrosion protectionnone needed, as materials used are inherently resistant to corrosion
Water jetting resistancetested according to DIN 19523

NC Line projects around the world

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