We are Amiblu

And GRP is our DNA.

This is us

We at Amiblu are a bunch of GRP nerds who are fiercely determined to tackle the world’s water crisis with modern and smart GRP pipe solutions. We operate in 125 countries worldwide and want to inspire people around the globe to value water as we should.

What we do

We create pipes and fittings from one of the world‘s most fascinating, versatile, responsible, and best-performance material: glass-fiber reinforced plastics, in short, GRP. We‘re top-to-toe committed to design and manufacture our products in a way that, once they leave our home ports, they are off and ready to make the world a more water-proof place.

Our pipe infrastructure transports water reliably to and from homes, industries, and every one of us. We work passionately on water security, wastewater discharge, and water-related needs of urbanization. We combine creative ideas, decades of experience, and modern composite materials to outperform existing solutions. We work with excitement towards a future where every person on the planet has access to a well-functioning water network.

Why it matters

Water is not a matter of course and endlessly available – climate change makes us unpleasantly aware of this. Less precipitation and higher temperatures lower groundwater tables. And heavy rains in combination with increasing urbanization, featuring more and more sealed surfaces, bring existing infrastructure to the limits of its capacity.

Each and every one of us needs water to survive. But it needs to be appropriately managed and valued, today and for the next generations, with the smallest possible environmental impact. And that‘s what we are here for: We reduce environmental impacts by making pipes that last for generations. Because the greenest product is the one you don‘t need to replace.

“We’re not just making pipes. We’re making long-lasting water infrastructure that protects one of the most precious elements.
Because the greenest product is the one you don’t have to replace.”

W. Stangassinger & T. Andersson (CEO/CCO, CTO/COO),
Amiblu Management Board

Amiblu Management Board: Wolfgang Stangassinger (CEO) and Tomas Andersson (CTO/COO)

Research and Locations

Our long-term experience of more than half a century in GRP production and research makes us fit for future challenges. With an accredited GRP pipe testing laboratory in Norway, our innovative spirit is based on a solid R&D background. Amiblu’s headquarters is in Klagenfurt, Austria, and the company has production facilities in Germany, Spain, Poland, and Romania. It employs around 1,500 people worldwide.

Our licensee partners around the globe, plus an extensive network of sales and engineering offices, add a further global dimension. Wherever our customers require a high-performance solution, Amiblu experts deliver precisely what they need.

Amiblu world map and facts

Our history

As a manufacturer of glass-fiber reinforced pipes and fittings, we are one of the pioneers in piping innovations of the last century. From unusual beginnings in the textile industry to today’s international supplier for water infrastructure – learn more about the history of GRP pipe systems and the Amiblu Group:

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