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Certificates, quality marks and standards of the Amiblu Group

Amiblu GRP products hold various third-party quality marks and certificates issued by e.g.

  • BCCA
  • CSTB
  • DVGW
  • GRIS
  • IGH
  • ITC
  • KIWA
  • OFI
  • ÖVGW
  • SVGW

The quality marks and certificates are based on GRP piping standards such as:

  • ASTM D3262
  • ASTM D3517
  • ASTM D3754
  • AWWA C950
  • AVIS Technique
  • CEN/TS 14632
  • CEN TR 15729
  • DIN 16869-1
  • DIN 16869-2
  • DVS 2220
  • EN 681-1
  • EN 1796
  • EN 14364
  • EN 15383
  • GRIS GV 14
  • ISO 4633
  • ISO 10467
  • ISO 10639
  • ISO 16611 (NC Line)
  • ISO 25780
  • KIWA BRL K17605
  • KIWA BRL 52204
  • KTW Guideline
  • MUC-KSP-A 2000
  • MUC-KSP-A 2100
  • ÖNORM B 5014
  • ÖNORM B 5161
  • ÖNORM B 5163 (NC Line)
  • ÖNORM B5164
  • ÖNORM B 5165
  • ÖVGW / GRIS QS-W407
  • ÖVGW QS-W804

Copies of the certificates are availabe on request!

Top quality


Certified by independent institutes to the abovementioned international standards, the Amiblu plants ensure that all finished products meet the highest customer specifications. Compliance with ISO 9001 as well as uniformly high quality standards are key features of our products and firmly rooted in our corporate philosophy. Continuous quality control of incoming raw materials through to finished products is carried out by the quality laboratories of the manufacturing plants.


All product innovations and developments are carried out by our experts at Amiblu Technology AS in Norway. The testing laboratory in Norway is accredited according to ISO 17025. The accreditation is re-evaluated by the national accreditation body (Norwegian Accreditation) every year to ensure the laboratory’s compliance with the normative requirements. Through the ISO 17025 accreditation, the laboratory demonstrates that it operates according to the technological state of the art and generates valid test results.


Our comprehensive quality control program meets the highest standards and takes special customer specifications into consideration. Auditors from renowned certification companies and our scientists in the Amiblu R&D departments, application engineering as well as installation teams ensure that you can rely on consistently high quality.


Furthermore, Amiblu is committed to continually improving the corporate environmental and energy performance. This includes the alignment of all activities with the international standard ISO 14001. Dedicated to minimizing the consumption of resources and reducing environmental impacts, ISO 14001 is the most acknowledged international standard for a company’s efficient management of raw materials and production processes.

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