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Microtunneling Hobas GRP Pipes Poland


Trenchless applications: the perfect option for 24-hour-cities to install without disruption


With their high strength, Amiblu GRP jacking pipes are excellent solutions for trenchless applications.

Hobas CSO Chamber Tessin


Manage stormwater cleverly and protect the environment with the Amiblu CSO chamber and Amiscreen


Read more about the highly efficient and fully automatic filtration of contaminants from wastewater with Amiblu Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Chamber and Amiscreen.

Amiblu Non-circular GRP pipes in Brussels, Belgium


Turn a failing pipeline into a new one that lasts 150 years with Amiblu NC pipes


Amiblu NC Line pipes with their non-circular cross-sections are ideal for relining old city sewers that often hold non-circular shapes.

Hobas PU pipe Oberaegeri


The best pipe by far. Even for the toughest conditions.


Corrosion, wear, abrasion, impacts: Read more about Amiblu GRP pipes for the most challenging applications.

man in pipe


Two technologies – endless possibilities. How we change the rules of the GRP game.


Amiblu is the world’s largest supplier of GRP pipe systems and solutions. Read more about their advantages and environmental impacts.

brands Hobas and Flowtite logo


A quick overview of the Amiblu Group’s rich history


Amiblu is the history of two companies coming together. Read more about the 50:50 joint venture of Amiantit Europe and Hobas Europe.

Sustainable Water Solutions

Laxá II is a 10 MW hydropower station located in northeast Iceland, approximately 85 kilometres east of the town of Akureyri. The…

New Science

Two powerful brands getting together


Amiblu is a 50:50 joint venture whose goal is to develop and deliver fully sustainable water solutions.
Amiblu combines Amiantit Europe and its Flowtite Technology, and Hobas Europe, part of WIG Wietersdorfer Holding,
and is the specialist in drinking water, irrigation, storm- and wastewater, hydropower and industry.

Sustainable Water Solutions

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