Sustainable Amiblu GRP sewer and drainage networks

Our promise: sewer and drainage systems that will never corrode!

Sewer and drainage pipes

Amiblu GRP systems replace traditional corrosion-sensitive pipe materials like concrete, steel and iron that regularly fail in acidic sewer environments. Amiblu GRP pipes are designed to be robust in urban environments. Glass reinforcement prevents creep and combined with a smooth anti-fouling bore, they enable safe low-gradient operation without needing regular maintenance. A range of fittings and accessories support modern sewer and drainage networks with stormwater storage and separation as well as smart manhole technology.

Hobas sewer pipes direct polluted Rawa water to treatment plant in Chorzów, Poland

Advantages of Amiblu GRP sewer and drainage systems:

  • Excellent long-term stiffness: Keeps its shape, year after year, unlike other unreinforced plastic pipes
  • Smooth interior surface: The hydraulic roughness of Amiblu pipes is unrivalled in the industry
  • Very good water jetting resistance: Pipes can be cleaned with higher water pressures without risking liner damage
  • Excellent abrasion resistance: Abrasion resistance protects the inner surface of the pipe and increases its service life
  • Integrated systems approach covers manholes and sewer overflow