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Smarter wastewater management

With urban populations growing rapidly, managing sewage safely and efficiently is crucial to ensuring that the society we are creating is healthy and welcoming for all. It’s a huge challenge, and the key is to design our sewage networks not only to meet today’s needs, but tomorrow’s as well. We can help.

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There are two types of sewerage system: ones that combine stormwater and wastewater in a single sewer that does double duty for both, and separate systems dedicated to managing either stormwater or wastewater separately.

The ideal solution is to keep stormwater and wastewater separate, as this eliminates the risk of relatively clean stormwater becoming contaminated by sewage and industrial waste. Stormwater can then be discharged into rivers and aquifers without risk of pollution. This allows treatment plants to be designed with less reserve capacity, because they don’t have to handle stormwater.

Amiblu, through our Hobas and Flowtite brands, offers a full range of pipes and inspection chambers for wastewater systems, plus retention tanks, battery tanks, storage pipes, overflow basins and the other components you need to build a dedicated stormwater system.

Upgrade existing networks
In cities, installing separate sewers for wastewater and stormwater often requires ripping out existing combined systems. This is expensive, disruptive and controversial, especially when dealing with historic towns and cities. Fortunately, there are other possibilities.

One way is to employ to improve the management of wastewater and stormwater in existing combined sewerage systems. Our Combined Sewer Overflow chamber, for example, is extremely efficient and effective at separating suspended solids from stormwater. Once separated, the solids can be guided to a wastewater treatment plant for processing, and the remaining stormwater channelled into the water course for rapid dispersal. Being modular, every chamber is quick to install, requires little space or excavation work and can withstand high traffic loads with minimum covering. Simple. Smart. Effective.

Build with less disturbance
Our technologies also slash project time and disruption when new-build solutions are needed. Being lighter, Amiblu pipelines and other components can be installed using smaller cranes. Being lighter, each truck can carry more, which reduces truck movements and the noise, dust, CO2 emissions and general inconvenience that goes with them for people living and working in the area. Advanced installation techniques, like trenchless slip lining, jacking and non-circular relining also save time and reduce inconvenience to pedestrians and traffic in busy urban centres. Finally, employing long-lasting GRP rather than concrete means it will be years before major work is required again.

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