Green is more than a buzzword

Being green (aka environmentally conscious) can't be a poster on a wall, a video, or a social media campaign. Being green needs to be part of every aspect of the business. It needs to be a thought at the beginning of every project...not something you add afterward. It needs to be a story lived, not a story told. That's why we show you glimpses into every corner of Amiblu where we put our environment front and center.

World microtunneling record on environmental remediation project

Only about 1 % of Earth’s freshwater can be used as drinking water

Cooling water system with Flowtite pressure pipes, Brazil

Globally, 35 % of all treated water is lost due to leaking pipes

Scotland, Balmoral Estates Hydro Energy with Flowtite pressure pipes

4x more pipe construction under the earth than street construction above

Flowtite Animation

Microtunneling / pipe jacking with GRP pipes: A smart solution for sustainable infrastructure

Amiblu Water Facts | What saves 2.8 billion tons of CO2 every year?

Amiblu Water Facts | What could span the world 75 times?

Amiblu Water Facts | How much water do you eat every day?

Amiblu Water Facts | What is 11 times the distance between the Earth & the Moon?

Amiblu Water Facts | What started more than 7500 years ago in Mesopotamia?

Amiblu Water Facts | How much rain falls on the Earth’s surface in 1 year?

Amiblu Water Facts | What is drought-proof and practically limitless?

GRP tunnels for pedestrians and cyclists at the railway embankment

Inside Amiblu: Dr. Alexander Frech, CEO of Amiblu Group

Dr. Alexander Frech – European Climate Pact Ambassador

First Hobas CSO chamber south of the Alps successfully installed

GRP pipes add value for nature and citizens

Sustainable GRP pipe solution for nature protection area

Green power with GRP hydropower pipelines – clean energy from the power station Ebriachbach

Green power with GRP hydropower pipelines – clean energy from the power station NockEnergie Glanzer, AT

HOBAS GRP Pipes help produce 1.2 MW of clean energy in Sri Lanka

Amiblu Identity Video


Technical data

Diameter, pressure, stiffness, and so much more… All the technical hard facts you need to plan, lay, and operate our pipelines.


Reference database

Over 30,000 projects in over 125 countries in over 60 years: Discover spectacular and technically challenging construction works with Amiblu’s technologies (Flowtite, Hobas, Amiblu, Amiscreen) in our reference database.


Our footprint

We aim to have life cycle assessments for all products by end of 2022 and a carbon-neutral pipe production by 2030. We use the resources we have—our business, our voice, and our network—to fight the climate crisis and inspire people around the globe to value water as we should.