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Amiblu is the world’s largest supplier of
GRP pipe systems and solutions.

Hobas and Flowtite glassfiber reinforced plastic pipe systems by Amiblu are the product of over five decades of innovation, experience and development. We are the largest producer and technology partner for GRP pipes in the world. Because of our composite engineering and material science skills, we offer a product with an expected service life of more than 150 years.


Amiblu’s two specialist technologies – Hobas centrifugally cast and Flowtite filament wound solutions – complement each other perfectly. Both product lines replace traditional corrosion sensitive materials like concrete, iron and steel. And being made of reinforced plastics, they match traditional materials for strength and hugely outperform them on weight, ease of handling, longevity and all-round sustainability.


Flowtite technology


Hobas technology


Most sustainable solution in operation

  • Lower pumping cost for water mains
  • Low lifetime maintenance costs
  • Maximum energy outtake from penstocks
  • Expected 150 years lifetime
HOBAS Poland-visit-Samuel-Ariaratnam

Most sustainable solution installed

  • Low energy consumption in production
  • Low transport costs
  • Faster to install
  • Less disruption through trenchless technologies

Why GRP?

  • Corrosion-free and resistant against chemicals
  • Resistant against abrasion and UV light
  • Light weight reduces transport and installation costs
  • Smooth inner surface guarantees excellent hydraulic flow
  • Excellent long-term stiffness
  • Exceptionally long lifetime of 150 years with a proven global track record of success
  • Innovative engineering and solutions-based approach that increases investment returns compared to traditional pipe materials

Made to last

At a glance – Amiblu’s scope of supply:

  • Diameters DN 100 to 4000 mm
  • Pressure Classes PN 1 to 32 bar
  • Stiffness Classes SN 2500 N/m² and more

Amiblu offers the largest concentration of GRP production in the world with six factories producing:

Amiblu GRP pipe projects around the world

Two technologies, endless possibilities

Flowtite technology

Find more information on Flowtite and its continuous filament winding technology HERE.


Hobas technology

Find more information on Hobas and its centrifugally cast pipe systems HERE.

Sustainable Water Solutions