805 m³ storage chamber with Amiscreen installed in Bavaria

The old local rainwater storage basin in the Bavarian municipality of Weißenohe had been built over 40 years ago. With a capacity of 540 m³, it was no longer able to handle the growing storage demands. Due to the chamber’s location directly underneath the railway station, an extension was not possible. Therefore, the wastewater association Obere Schwabach planned a new storage structure – and, instead of the conventional concrete structure, they opted for a chamber made of GRP.


The solution provided by Amiblu has earned an innovation award for its cutting-edge technology: A complete, prefabricated storage solution based on GRP with integrated stormwater overflow and additional cleaning elements for coarse solid content (Amiscreen), as well as an exceptionally short installation time. Since the targeted construction site is located near a sensible water body, environmental friendliness also played a major role. A quality that is inherent in GRP: The material has an extremely long lifetime, is absolutely leak-tight. The Amiscreen system which is integrated in two pipe strings ensures that only clean water is released from the chamber. Weißenohe’s new rainwater collector was built of Flowtite GRP pipes DN 3000, SN 2500, PN 1, and has a capacity 805 m³.


Learn more about the Amiblu storage chamber with Amiscreen here: Amiblu storage chamber with Amiscreen

Project ID: [00033918]
Application:Combined Rainwater-Sewer System
Installation:Open Trench
Nominal Diameter DN3000 mm
Nominal Pressure PN1 bar
Nominal Stiffness SN10000 N/m2
Consultant:Planungsbüro Schneeberg und Kraus
Client:Abwasserzweckverband Obere Schwabach