Highly Durable HOBAS Pipes for Safe Paper Production in Austria

Project ID: [00003481]
Application:Sewer, Chemical Industry
Installation:Open Trench
Total Length [m]:990
Nominal Diameter DN [mm]1100
Nominal Pressure PN [bar]1
Nominal Stiffness SN [N/m2]10000

In 2014, the town of Hallein in the Austrian state of Salzburg was provided with new flood protection structures to prevent the urban area from future damages caused by increasingly frequent floodings. It was decided to also include the industrial sewage discharge pipeline of the local pulp and paper factory Schweighofer Fiber in the construction works: The 990 m long sewer channel which was running right next to the river Salzach already showed some damages and had to be renovated. Due to the content of chemicals and high temperatures of the industrial sewage – the pipeline transports pretreated industrial sewage with a temperature of 35-50°C –, the requirements for the new pipe material were particularly high. Among various materials that were taken into account at the first project phase, HOBAS emerged as clear favorite. The company’s extensive experience in the industry sector as well as the possibility to produce very durable pipes with a special resin, guaranteeing a very high chemical and thermal resistance, convinced the client and contractor. The constantly changing groundwater level caused by the proximity to the river as well as the changing weather conditions posed challenges to the installation. In order to enable the renovation works, a temporary overground bypass channel was established to redirect the industrial sewage during construction time. The new discharge pipeline DN 1100 has been put into operation at the beginning of 2015 and the client, building contractors, and designer were delighted. DI Josef Reingruber, Salzburg AG: “The technical support provided by HOBAS during the implementation of the project as well as the company’s flexibility and quick response to modifications in the installation plan left us very satisfied.”

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