HOBAS Protective Pipes for Bioethanol Plant in Rotterdam, NL

Project ID: [00005367]
Installation:Open Trench
Nominal Diameter DN [mm]200 | 400
Nominal Pressure PN [bar]1
Nominal Stiffness SN [N/m2]640000 | 1000000

In the years 2008 to 2010, one of the world’s largest bioethanol plants has been constructed in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. From the strategically well located harbor of Rotterdam bioethanol is delivered to numerous European countries and the rest of the world. In this project, HOBAS Pipes make sure that the infrastructure on the plant’s premises is duly protected. Company Dura Vermeer Infrastructure and Dura Vermeer Railinfra had been commissioned to establish the infrastructure of the plant (sewers, roads, asphalt application, etc.). Dura Vermeer Ondergrondse Infra installed all cables and piping on the premises of the bioethanol plant while Dura Vermeer Railinfra was responsible for the building of the railroad tracks on which the bioethanol was to be transported. The new tracks cross several existing pipelines conveying potable water, gas and other media. In the Netherlands, pressure pipes crossing beneath railroad tracks need to be protected with casing pipe and in this particular project, the medium pipe needed to remain in operation during construction work. It was therefore necessary to utilize half pipes, and HOBAS Pipes presented themselves as the best choice for the challenge. The protective pipe solution consisted of two HOBAS GRP Half Pipes, steel clamps, and a split coupling. The half pipes were placed around the existing pipeline and joined with an epoxy compound which has mechanical long-term properties comparable with those of GRP. Steel clamps were used to keep the halves together during the curing process of the epoxy compound. They furthermore enabled accurate alignment of the casing pipes. HOBAS Protective Pipes are often favored for installations beneath roads or railways. The described project at the bioethanol plant in Rotterdam is one of numerous successfully completed protective pipe jobs in the Netherlands.

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