Purified Cooling Water Pipeline from River Rhine for Novartis Group

Project ID: [00007875]
Application:Cooling and Process Water
Total Length [m]:433
Nominal Diameter DN [mm]1500
Nominal Pressure PN [bar]10
Nominal Stiffness SN [N/m2]160000

The engineering company Rapp Infra, who was in charge of the project, had first intended a double pipeline where a pressure line would run inside a reinforced concrete jacking pipe. Since HOBAS CC-GRP Pipes can be produced to unify both, pressure and jacking properties, Rapp Infra was soon convinced by the economic advantage and shorter construction time. A further advantage was that the Swiss constructor Implenia dealing with jacking installation has already worked very Novartis’ strategic aim regarding sustainability is to reduce the energy consumption of the new buildings to a third of the former premises. Due to the area’s development as well as alternative energy systems, the need for cooling water will increase over the coming years. Purified water from the river Rhine is used for this purpose. The total capacity of the present purification plants for general service water on both sides of the Rhine will cover the increasing demands of the areal over the next 10 to 15 years. However, both plants first had to be connected due to altered technical requirements. This was realized with a pipeline running under the Rhine.