Sustainable GRP pipe solution for nature protection area

Project ID: [00045403]
Installation:Open Trench, Above Ground
Total Length [m]:4000
Nominal Diameter DN [mm]800
Nominal Pressure PN [bar]10
Nominal Stiffness SN [N/m2]10000
Consultant:Kragten BV
Contractor:GW Leidingtechniek BV
Client:Waterschap De Dommel

In the south of the Netherlands, a 4000 m long Flowtite pressure pipeline was installed as a bypass during renovation works on an existing sewer channel. The quick and easy construction considerably reduced the work’s enviromental impact in the Natura 2000 site.


An aged concrete sewer channel that crosses a sensitive forest terrain and is on the verge to collapse: no time to waste for the city of Eindhoven and the local water board Waterschap De Dommel. The damaged channel had to be urgently renovated. In order to minimize all risks, it was decided to install a reliable bypass line for the sewage as a first and immediate step. Since the affected forest area is listed in the EU’s Natura 2000 network, all implemented measures and materials had to be strictly evaluated.


Time was a critical factor, both because of the old sewer’s dire condition and the fact that a shorter installation time meant less harmful CO2 and NOX emissions by construction machinery. Amiblu GRP pipes provided an ideal solution – they are quick and easy to install thanks to their light weight and the convenient filament wound double-bell couplings. 4000 m Flowtite GRP pressure pipes DN 800 PN 10 were laid in open trench and partly, for the crossing of roads, above ground in up to 4 m height. After four weeks, the new pipeline was ready for operation.


The Flowtite bypass line will stay in place for two to three years. After dismantling, the client Waterschap De Dommel will keep the pipes and use them for further projects. This increases the project’s sustainability even further.


Click on the video below and watch the Flowtite pressure pipeline being installed in Eindhoven!

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