Waste Water Treatment at the French Atlantic Coast with HOBAS Restrained Pressure Pipes

Project ID: [00009477]
City:St. Nazaire
Installation:Open Trench
Total Length [m]:24500
Nominal Diameter DN [mm]200 | 500
Nominal Pressure PN [bar]10
Nominal Stiffness SN [N/m2]10000

The restrained pipe system supplied by HOBAS France provided the optimal solution that met all requirements not least due to its intrinsic advantages such as light weight, simple jointing and sturdiness. “HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems are perfect for this project as they are fit for all types of terrain and perfectly follow the winding route”,, reports Michel Sokolowski, Regional Sales Manager at HOBAS France. The new network connecting to the future treatment plant in the west of St Nazaire involves more than 20 km of pipe and further 8.4 kilometers are utilized to meet the plant located in the east. Since 2007, 24.5 km HOBAS CC-GRP Pipes ranging from DN 200 to DN 500 have been laid in the ground by open trench. Two more years, and the master plan shall be finalized to everyone’s content. Thanks to the well thought out transition from the old to the new system and with the utilization of HOBAS Pipe Systems, the population, tourism and the ecosystem are already benefiting from it.

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