First CSO chamber on Austrian soil successfully installed

An Amiblu CSO chamber has recently been installed in the Austrian town of Mautern. The structure is more than 10 m long and consists of centrifugally cast Hobas GRP pipes with different diameters: A main pipe DN 1200, an overflow pipe DN 900, plus two manholes DN 800. Six integrated, self-cleaning screening elements (GRP bars) ensure that suspended solids are very effectively separated from the sewage and only cleaned water enters the receiving water course. The bars do not reach down to the pipe bottom, which is why in dry weather the combined sewage passes through to the wastewater treatment plant effluent without touching them. After a rainfall event, the bars start to vibrate in the decreasing water thanks to their flexible mounting and thereby clean themselves automatically. The CSO chamber in Mautern can handle inflows of up to 2900 l/sec.

Project ID: [00039228]
Application:Combined Rainwater-Sewer System
Installation:Open Trench
Technology:Amiblu, Hobas
Total Length:10 m
Nominal Diameter DN1200 | 900 | 800 | 600 mm
Nominal Pressure PN1 bar
Nominal Stiffness SN10000 N/m2