GRP sewer pipes installed in Luxembourgian nature reserve

For a new sewer main in the municipality of Bettembourg, Flowtite GRP pipes DN 1200 and OD 1280 were installed in open trench and jacked underneath a highway.


In order to restrict the flow to the wastewater treatment plant Peppange and allow for a temporary storage of the accumulating water volume, the municipality of Bettembourg in southern Luxembourg planned to build a new stormwater overflow tank. The engineering office Schroeder & Associés S.A. was commissioned with the design of the structure. A visual inspection of the existing sewer DN 1800 showed that it was in a relatively good condition. It was therefore decided to renovate it for further use as a reservoir with overhead discharge. As a result, a new sewer main had to be built to connect the overflow structure with the wastewater treatment plant – and the client opted for Amiblu GRP pipes to realize the project.

Amiblu produced and supplied 1200 m Flowtite GRP pipes DN 1000 for open trench installation and another 80 m of GRP jacking pipes OD 1280 for microtunneling. On the 1200 m section which features only a small slope, the smooth inner surface and resulting optimal hydraulic capacities of Amiblu GRP pipes prove extremely effective. The trenchless section involved microtunneling of 3 m long GRP pipes underneath the highway A3, which crossed the pipeline route.

Another decisive factor for choosing Amiblu GRP was of ecological nature: The new sewer is located in a nature reserve and all used materials have to undergo an environmental impact assessment beforehand. – for Amiblu, not an issue. The construction of the new sewer was completed after less than seven months to the full satisfaction of the client.

Project ID: [00038106]
Installation:Microtunneling, Open Trench
Total Length:1280 m
Nominal Diameter DN1200 mm
Consultant:Schroeder & Associés S.A.

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