Optimum solids retention with 190 m² Amiscreen

Eula is the name of a stream nearby the small town of Geithain in the German Free State of Saxony. During heavy rainfall, it kept filling up rather quickly with water entering from the overflow structure connected to the local sewer system. The stream even regularly burst its banks, leaving neighboring properties soaked and polluted. A condition that the municipal waterworks (Kommunale Wasserwerke Grimma-Geithain) found was no longer bearable: It was decided to upgrade the existing 120 m long reinforced concrete storage sewer DN 2200 with an Amiscreen solids retention system.

In a first step, a 50 m long GRP platform with overflows was integrated in the sewer. Two channels consisting of 100 m Amiscreen elements DN 600 were attached to the platform, creating an extensive screening surface of 190 m². With a perforation of 8 mm x 8 mm, the screening elements reliably filter all suspended solids from the combined sewage. In fact, while the Amiscreen system cannot prevent the Eula stream from overflowing, it ensures that neighborhoods are no longer subject to sewage dirt and pollutants. A considerably increased volume of pollutants at the wastewater treatment plant Geithain already gives impressive proof of the system’s functionality.

Project ID: [00038085]
Application:Sewer, Combined Rainwater-Sewer System
Installation:Open Trench
Nominal Diameter DN600 mm
Consultant:Temann + Schöpe Beratende Ingenieure
Contractor:Erdmann Bau GmbH
Client:Kommunale Wasserwerke Grimma-Geithain GmbH

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