Pipe rehabilitation with Amiblu non-circular GRP pipes (NC Line)

Engineered to strengthen the cities we love

Amiblu NC Line pipes with their non-circular cross-sections are ideal for relining old city sewers, culverts and channels that often hold non-circular shapes. The non-circular profiles are manufactured in a discontinuous process by helical filament winding. They can be customized according to customer demands and easily be adapted to different types of shapes and geometries. The remaining annular space between the host and liner pipes is usually filled with grout. This fixes the inserted pipe in its position and can take over the structural load.

Amiblu NC Line makes it possible to extend the service life of old and deteriorated non-circular channels up to 150 years. The bending strength of Amiblu NC Line provides new firmness to uphold deteriorating pipe walls. It withstands acidic fluids and environments better due to its special inner surface. Amiblu NC Line has a sewer laminate composition that makes it excellent for use in open trench applications, such as culverts and extensions to existing non-circular channels.

Amiblu NC Line adheres fully to ISO 16611. The ISO 16611: 2017 sets strict guidelines for how non-circular pipes can be produced and tested. External bodies confirm Amiblu compliance.

Advantages of Amiblu non-circular pipes:

  • high corrosion resistance that is proven by long-term testing
  • custom-tailored profiles according to customer demands
  • easy adaptation to different types of shapes and geometries
  • high impact resistance for safe handling
  • chemically resistant liner based on sewer pipe technology
  • proven sealing system that allows excellent tightness and easy joining,
    also under angular deflection
  • elastomeric gasked for installation in humid environments
  • high bending strenght to support old and deteriorated pipe walls
  • expected service life of more than 150 years


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Over 30,000 projects in over 125 countries in over 60 years: Discover spectacular and technically challenging construction works with Amiblu’s technologies (Flowtite, Hobas, Amiblu, Amiscreen) in our reference database.


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