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Industrial GRP pipes solutions by Amiblu

Amiblu supplies various kinds of industries where extraordinary operating conditions call for chemically, mechanically, and thermally resistant pipe materials. Amiblu industrial products are made of GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic).


Amiblu is not only delivering piping products for industrial projects – we are also a devoted partner to the small, medium and large EPC contractors worldwide. We follow our European EPC clients into the world, where we utilize our family network of manufacturing plants, trade offices, engineers and construction labour, to deliver turnkey projects on industrial water applications.

Advantages of Amiblu industrial pipe systems:

  • Excellent long-term stiffness: Keeps its shape, year after year, unlike other unreinforced plastic pipes
  • Smooth interior surface: The hydraulic roughness of Amiblu pipes is unrivalled in the industry
  • Excellent abrasion resistance: Abrasion resistance protects the inner surface of the pipe and increases its service life
  • Engineered to exceed 150 years of operations
Flowtite biaxial pipe illustration

Flowtite pipe reinforced in the hoop and axial directions to resist pressure end thrust and bending loads. Common uses: cooling water, desalination, and other industrial above ground applications.

Diameter range (DN) 200-4000 mm
Pressure (PN) up to 20 bar
Nominal lengths 12, 6, 3 m
Stiffness (SN) 5000/10000 N/m²

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