Microtunneling with GRP pipes: A smart solution for sustainable infrastructure

When pipes need to be laid and replaced in densely populated areas, pipe jacking / microtunneling is often the first choice.
The impact of trenchless construction on residents and nature is much smaller compared to open cut installations which involve large amounts of excavated soil and high CO2 emissions due to traffic disruptions.
Pressure applications, curved pipeline routes, or critical environments such as railway tracks pose particular challenges to designers as they require pipes with specific properties to achieve an optimal and cost-efficient result.

GRP pipes by Amiblu have gained a firm foothold in jacking and microtunneling over the past years thanks to their high strength, light weight, smooth inner and outer surface, and long lifetime.
The composite GRP material features low life-cycle costs and provides a sustainable overall solution for trenchless projects.

Watch the video to get an impression!