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Planting trees in exchange for customer feedback

Planting trees in exchange for customer feedback

We at Amiblu are a bunch of GRP nerds that are fiercely determined to tackle the world’s water crisis with modern and smart solutions. We want to inspire people around the globe to value water as we should.

But we also know that the water cycle depends on a wide range of climatic variables – one of which are emissions of greenhouse gases that, in the case of CO2, can be mitigated by photosynthesis of plants.

This is why Amiblu is supporting TeamTrees, an organization dedicated to planting trees in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. They work with the Arbor Day Foundation, one of the largest and longest-running tree planting NGOs, with nearly 50 years of experience in planting trees around the globe. The Arbor Day Foundation has the same Charity Navigator rating as the American Red Cross.

Our customers and business partners received an invitation to share their valuable opinion with us and for every feedback we get from them, we are planting 20 trees. The current tree count can be seen on our homepage.

Let’s value water – and our beautiful nature – as we should.