A proven partner you can count on

Your partner in sustainable water solutions
Our mission is to speed up the world’s transition to sustainable water solutions. How? Through boundless imagination, solid science and great teamwork. From R&D and innovation, to engineering and quality manufacturing, to partnerships and co-creation around pipeline and pipe-related sustainable water management. Everything we need to get the water to the people. This is who we are:

The leader in GRP
The biggest GRP pipeline solutions company in the world and inventor of continuous filament, centrifugal casting and various proprietary jointing technologies. We are working on the evolution of the relevant EN and ISO standards so our civil engineering customers can deliver sustainable water solutions with maximum long-term confidence.

European production

  • The largest concentration of GRP production  in the world
  • Seven factories making:
      Discontinuous, Filament wound (FW), centrifugally cast (CC), circular and non-circular (NC) pipes.
      High performance filtration systems, fittings and coupling systems
  • Special tanks



  • Sales and engineerings offices all over the world
  • Production in Austria, Germany, Poland, Romania and Spain
  • Licensee partners all over the world
  • R&D headquarters in Norway
  • Corporate head office in Austria