Amiblu product portfolio city infrastructure sketch

Amiblu’s Product Portfolio – GRP Pipe Systems and Solutions

Customers often ask what is important in a project. Our sales and engineering teams try to answer the technical, social and economic needs to offer our most competitive solution. This results in a long-term customer value. We want to delight customers and create champions for Amiblu.

GRP pipes are challenging an established market. Each material has its place today. The inherent corrosion-free characteristics together with the high abrasion resistance of today’s plastic pipes often make them the most suitable solution for the sewer and pressure projects of our modern infrastructures. Concrete pipes are so stiff that when soil conditions in urban environments vary, it does not matter as they can absorb the load. Ductile iron and steel pipes bring impact and pressure resistance. With Hobas and Flowtite technologies together, Amiblu now has the product portfolio to challenge these traditional materials. The right answers are critical when we want to sell and market solutions that are engineered for 150 years and more.

The majority of sewer and gravity installations are going into urban areas or high traffic loading areas. In this market, GRP replaces heavy concrete pipes that corrode and are expensive to install. A GRP pipe can be more cost effective with a low stiffness class – but is it the right solution? The uncertainties around the natural soil conditions and the current and future traffic loads together with the handling and compaction challenges in tight urban environments make it a risk. Unknown future works in the same area can concern our costumers. From now on, we will not specify sewer and gravity pipes below SN 10000.

We engineer our pressure pipes for 150 years of service under our ideal installation conditions. Last year, Flowtite Grey was introduced because the world is not ideal. We added ten times the impact resistance and dramatically increased the design safety factors compared to our standard pipes. We know this is the best pressure pipe and we market it as a premium solution. Amiblu wants to simplify the message for our customers and enable them to move away from corrosion-sensitive, ferrous solutions. We are therefore making Flowtite Grey our new standard pipe without changing the price list. Why should our customers compromise when they can have the best?

This policy targets traditional pipe materials rather than fueling internal competition within the relatively small GRP industry. It adds value to our customers and helps our operations to be more competitive and responsive.
An all-round win-win situation!