Customer obsession from concept to operational

Whether you’re contemplating a major hydropower project, a complex sewerage improvement scheme, or a straightforward upgrade, you need to know that the people you work with are as committed to your success as you are. At Amiblu, we believe in the long view, the long-term, whether we’re talking about our products or the way we think about and work with our customers.

This plays out in various ways. We partner with our customers from concept through to operational, with the aim of making you successful. This means adding value with innovative GRP pipeline products and solutions that score better than the traditional alternatives on every parameter. It means providing outstanding services and really engaging with sustainable-water managers. It means solving your problems and overcoming your challenges to guarantee long-term, sustainable performance.

This is not altruism, it’s smart business sense – because successful customers not only come back, they become our company’s truest champions.

Working for sustainable water solutions
Society’s ability to manage water is central to sustainable development, healthy ecosystems and, in the end, human survival. And with every passing day, the need to identify, develop and roll out sustainable water solutions is becoming more pressing.

We get it, which is why we spend every working day thinking about innovation and how to do what we do better, smarter and more efficiently. Thinking about how to integrate the best science into our current and future products and services. About new standards for life cycle assessment and long-term performance.

It’s also why we are committed to training and supporting water industry engineers around the world, and leading research and action to improve the quality of drinking water and the intelligent use of wastewater. All so we can develop solutions this century that will have a positive and sustainable impact long into the next century.