Amiblu GRP hydro pipes on ship in Norway

Hydro-powerful Norway is boosted by Amiblu!

Two remarkable hydro projects are about to be realized in Fjærland with the penstocks made of Amiblu GRP pipes (Flowtite technology):

  • For Project 1, Skeidsflåten kraftverk (output 5 MW, production 19.5 GWh/year), 2500 m Amiblu GRP pressure pipes DN 1800 and DN 1600 were supplied.
  • Project 2, Tverrdalselvi kraftverk (output 5.7 MW, production 18 GWh/year) will feature an 1150 m Amiblu GRP penstock DN 1100.

Both projects will be implemented by Jostein Sunde AS and completed between fall 2019 and spring 2020.