Amiblu Stream Magazine November 22 cover
Amiblu GRP pipes for world microtunneling record in Rome, Italy
Flowtite pressure pipes cooling water system Brazil
Hobas Regenwasser Geesthacht
Scotland Balmoral Estates Hydro Energy Flowtite pipes
Amiblu Stream November 19
Amiblu Stream Magazine May 20 Cover Photo
First Hobas CSO chamber
Hobas shafts for sewer renovation DK
HOBAS Green Energy in Sri Lanka
HOBAS GRP Pipes Sri Lanka
Flowtite GRP pipeline connected to water turbine hydropower plant Porabka


Technical data

Diameter, pressure, stiffness, and so much more… All the technical hard facts you need to plan, lay, and operate our pipelines.


Reference database

Over 30,000 projects in over 125 countries in over 60 years: Discover spectacular and technically challenging construction works with Amiblu’s technologies (Flowtite, Hobas, Amiblu, Amiscreen) in our reference database.


Our footprint

We aim to have life cycle assessments for all products by end of 2022 and a carbon-neutral pipe production by 2030. We use the resources we have—our business, our voice, and our network—to fight the climate crisis and inspire people around the globe to value water as we should.