Managing storm- and wastewater in new and smarter ways

Managing urban wastewater and stormwater is a huge challenge that ranges from coping with the consequences of rapid urbanisation and growing populations, to the impact of climate change. As a result large parts of our urban and ex-urban wastewater and stormwater networks are, or soon will be, undersized, underperforming and not up to the job.

The risks of flooding and sewage discharge into urban areas and waterways are seen all too often as major cities suffer inundations, transport gridlock and repair bills that, at best, jeopardise growth and future investment, and, at worst, endanger life.

The ideal answer isn’t always ideal
The ideal solution is to keep stormwater and wastewater sewers separate. But in many cases, this means ripping out existing combined storm- and wastewater systems and replacing them with two new and independent networks. This is expensive, disruptive and controversial, especially when dealing with historic towns and cities.

But there are other possibilities. As Amiblu, we’re working on new and smart solutions to improve the management of storm- and wastewater in existing combined sewerage systems. Our Combined Sewer Overflow chamber, for example, is extremely efficient and effective at separating suspended solids from wastewater. These solids are then guided to a wastewater treatment plant, leaving the cleaned water to be led into the water course, safely.

A life-extending solution for combined sewers
Each Amiblu CSO chamber is individually designed and optimised based on flow analysis data, conceivable flow rates and available working space. The result is reliable stormwater overflow, a low-maintenance and self-cleaning system, the optimal separation of suspended solids and extra storage. Being modular, every chamber is quick to install, requires little space or excavation work and can withstand high traffic loads with minimum covering. Simple. Smart. Effective.