We need a circular water economy

Wastewater is our largest category of untapped waste. A huge opportunity. A circular economy would value wastewater for its potential, rather than discard it or ignore it. As well as providing an ‘extra’ source of water, safe wastewater management can help protect our ecosystems and supply us with energy, phosphorus, nitrogen and other nutrients and recoverable materials.

Wastewater is the natural starting point for the circular revolution. It begins with improving our water infrastructure and using water more intelligently. For example, water becomes increasingly polluted as it travels down pipes, eventually making it impossible to use it again. So, use smarter pipes that enable us to reuse water again and again.

Thinking in circular terms is also good for businesses. For example, it is now possible to generate heat and power from organic waste in ways that sterilize that waste, make it more biodegradable, and enable the recovery of contaminants for reuse. Like recovering ammonia to make ammonium sulphate fertiliser.

Always at the forefront
As Amiblu, we are stimulating the spirit of innovation with the best science and creativity companywide. We are introducing new standards for life cycle assessment and long-term performance. We are training and supporting engineers around the world and leading research and action to improve drinking water and make clever use of wastewater. We are adding smart intelligence to our pipes and developing solutions that will easily exceed our 150 year standard. We are laying claim to the next big advances in sustainable water management.